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As is with most things on the internet, a few Google searches can answer most questions about Amateur Radio. There are many high-quality blogs, great community resources, and misc content that has already been created by others. Because of this, I try not to contribute to an already cluttered web with my own derivative work.

However, it can be more difficult to find good sources of information which don’t require multiple Google searches. Those well-organized and high-quality resources with accurate information are not always on the first page of search results. This page contains resources I often read or refer to myself, and which may help others find the information they are looking for.

The links are grouped by application or technology, and sub-sorted with my rough opinion as to how useful that source may be. I try to give a meaningful description for each link, and will often provide a link to the Internet Archive.

Clubs and Groups⚓︎


Sites and Videos⚓︎


Online Test Prep⚓︎



CW Tools⚓︎





  • Log4OM - Windows based QSO Software
  • LotW - Logbook of the World automation via Log4OM
  • eQSL - Electronic QSL cards automation via Log4OM
  • JTDX - WSJT-X Derivative
  • JTAlert - JTDX to Log4OM logging
  • NetTime - Time syncing for digital modes




  • HamAlert - SOTA alerting with conditions like summit region and bands, with push notifications and links to maps.
  • SOTA Spotter - Uses a SOTAwatch3 account and the internet to send spots. Can also help you use the SMS gateway be creating the SMS in the right format for you.
  • Peakbagger - Information on various peaks

Mapping and Hiking⚓︎

  • OsmAnd+ - Goes on sale occasionally, otherwise the normal OsmAnd will do just fine as well. The difference between the two is listed here. GPX track logging of your trips, can also import GPX files from others and show them if you are visiting a new trail.
  • COTrex - State of Colorado created app for local hikes. Not SOTA targeted, but can provide useful details on some hikes.
  • AllTrails - Honorable mention for me, I don’t use it often but see others using this so I’ve kept it around. I prefer a GPX file and OsmAnd+ if I can get them.


  • HAMRS Logger - Contact logging. Templates tailored to portable activities like Parks on the Air, Field Day, and more with ADIF export.
  • HamLog NG - Contact logging design for mobile/portable operations.
  • VLS Logger - Contact logging, though I use it sparingly. Supports SOTA csv, adif, and cabrillo exporting and adif importing.
  • Audio Recorder - There are a ton of audio recorders out there. This one is open source and actively developed, been using this one for a few years now and still like the options it has.
  • Simple Voice Recorder - Honorable mention, all of the Simple Mobile Tools are great if you need something basic without ads and tracking.
  • MNML - Again, open source and works great. Screen and audio recording for recording ISS Detector and my audio while I work AMSAT.

Misc Apps⚓︎

  • ISS Detector Pro - AMSAT and ISS. I’ve come to prefer this over Heavens-Above though you do need the Pro version as it includes AMSAT. This costs less than Heavens-Above Pro as well.
  • HamClock - Simple two timezone clock to show local and UTC along with notes. I use this when recording with MNML to get a quick recording of the current date and time to avoid any confusion.
  • Robot36 - SSTV decode for ISS images
  • SSTV Encoder - Encode an image to SSTV, if for some reason you need this
  • EchoLink - Official, maybe only, EchoLink app
  • Scanner Radio - Internet streaming audio for local emergency services and a few local repeaters. Personally, prefer this app to Broadcastify
  • WSJT-X Monitor - If you use WSJT-X or any of its variants, this can act as a second screen to the logging.


Kenwood CAT Control⚓︎